Duties & Responsibilities

While your au pair experience will have many wonderful adventures, it will be a full time job! You will be responsible for providing quality child care on a full-time basis and ensuring the children are always safe.

Other responsibilities could include: keeping the children engaged and active, driving them to activities, preparing meals, and helping with homework. Au pairs are not expected to complete tasks such as housecleaning, gardening or heavy manual labour. The U.S. Department of State has created guidelines that state an au pair's responsibilities are limited to duties relating to child care. This could include doing the children’s washing or tidying up the play area. Cultural Care Au Pair has created a set of limits to better protect au pairs and host families.

The most important are below:

  • You will be on duty a maximum of 45 hours per week, no more than 10 hours per day
  • You are entitled to 1.5 days off per week and one full weekend per month
  • During your stay, you are given 2 weeks of paid holiday

During your au pair stay, you will be viewed as a family member. It is important to remember in every family there is a give and take relationship and that as a part of the family, you may be asked to participate in duties that a typical family member would help with.

Saftey enforced by law through the U.S Department of State regulations. For full details of U.S Department of State programme guidelines, please click here

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