Your Online Application & Video

Your online application is your introduction to your future host family. It is important to present yourself professionally and describe why you would be an outstanding au pair. The link to begin your online application is sent to your email address once you have registered for an information meeting. In the application you will describe your child care experience, hobbies, and why you are interested in being an au pair. A well-prepared and personal application is the best way for you to present yourself to a future host family and show why you are right for them. Remember, you are competing against hundreds of other au pairs from all over the world so you need to make sure yours will stand out. 

The application allows you to list your child care experience as well as other work and school experience, and also to talk about your personal hobbies, interests and talents. In addition to the information asked for in the online application, you will also need to provide:

  • At least three non-family references
  • A personal letter to the host family
  • Photos of you that best describe you and your life
  • A form completed by your doctor confirming that you are healthy enough to participate on the programme
  • Copies of your secondary school diploma, driver’s license and a Police Clearance Certificate showing no criminal activity. 

Include personal pictures so that host families can get to know you better. Always be honest and candid in your responses to ensure the family with whom you match knows your true personality and lifestyle.

Once we have received all of your documents and you have completed your interview, we review your application and verify your references.

“Go the extra mile” and present yourself in a video

Once you have been accepted onto the programme, you have the opportunity to add a personalised video to your account. Host families love watching au pair videos and it will be something that will help separate you from the competition. It allows host families to get a better sense of your personality and character.

Your video doesn’t have to be of “Hollywood quality”, but a fun and informative video can go a long way to making your application that special one that a host family chooses. Don’t worry if you’ve never made a video before – we also have online guides and lots of great examples available to inspire your creativity. 

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