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What our South African au pairs say

  • Charity


    What did I gain from my au pair year? I became more independent. I learned personal skills: how to be more patient, how to communicate. I learned how to adapt to different situations. I learned about new cultures, new religions. I gained a family. I learned how to be a big sister and second mom. I now have two homes in two different countries.

  • Tatum


    As a au pair with Cultural Care Aupair I got the unique experience of gaining another family that I love as my own (and I like to believe they feel the same about me), while travelling, exploring and meeting new people from all around the world. This is an experience that has shown me above all that I am a resilient, independent young women that is capable of anything I choose to pursue in the future.

  • Amber


    My journey has seen me through 18 states, numerous American holidays, spontaneous road trips, countless friendships, educational experiences and BEST OF ALL my family tree has sprouted new branches along the way! My heart had welcomed new cultures, languages and people from all walks of life into my circle. I am left with magical memories, an abundance of stories and an absolute love for travel!