Meet our Au Pairs

Cultural Care au pairs travel from over 20 countries around the world, arriving to host families in all corners of the USA. The aim at the beginning of their adventure is to grow personally and professionally and learn about American life alongside a supportive host family. 

Their experiences are as different as each of them, but they agree that your experience as a Cultural Care au pair will not only change your life, it will change you for the better. Take a look at these au pairs and see for yourself the rewards of the programme!

Nicole, An Australian Au Pair

"I enjoyed my time with my host child Emma the most. I enjoyed spending time with her, watching her grow and discover new things as well as being a part of her life. I found it a rewarding and worthwhile experience. The time to travel was just an added bonus!

My Relationship with my host family was (and still is!) a very strong one. Since my HM was a single mum, communication was key in our day to day lives. They treated me as a member of their family, as did their extended family. I was cared for and loved for just as my own family love me. The 18months I spent with them and in their home was a wonderful experience and one I doubt I will ever forget.

I would recommend the program to anyone who wants to travel America and also experience and live with an American Family and Care for their Children. This program is a great way to experience all of this and have a great and successful time, I know I did!"

Ashleigh from Belfast

Ashleigh from Belfast, Northern Ireland, travelled to the USA in October 2011, We asked her a few questions and here is how she is getting on ....

What interested you about the Au Pair Programme?

When I first heard of Cultural Care Au Pair I thought the programme sounded fantastic, interesting and very exciting and I have to admit it did not disappoint! The whole starting process was easy to get in to and the staff were very helpful if I had any questions, a few applications later and I was accepted onto the program. It is a very exciting time knowing that you will soon be jetting off to America to live with a new Family.

What did you feel about the training school?

When you first get to America you go to the Au Pair training school in New York, awesome. You will meet plenty of people, as I did, and some of the other Au Pairs will be moving near you which is brilliant as lots meet up through out the stay.

Would you recommend the Cultural Care programme to others?

I would definitely recommend Cultural Care Au Pair to anyone, it is an unusual, fun exciting opportunity to move abroad, make friends, travel and study. You definitely will have the time of your life!

How do you find your Host Family, travelling and friends?

My Host Family is amazing, its fantastic when you get that great connection right away, I have four beautiful boys who keep me very busy but I love it. I have also made many great friends this past year thanks to Cultural Care Au Pair, they have fun monthly meetings were you meet other au pairs in your neighborhood, really useful. My friends and I love to travel when we have time off, I have been to Las Vegas, The Grand Canyon, Colorado, New York and hopefully many more fun places to come!

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