What is an Au Pair?

Being an au pair is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore the USA and gain independence.

An au pair lives with an American host family for a year and cares for their children. In exchange, they receive free room and board, a weekly stipend, and opportunities to travel and study in the USA.

Why be an au pair?

  • Cultural exchange: the au pair program is the chance to discover an exciting new culture and for au pairs to share their own.

  • Personal growth: during their year in America, au pairs get to develop the confidence and independence they need to succeed.

  • Travel opportunities: being an au pair also means exploring the USA and creating memories to last a lifetime.

  • Educational development: not only do au pairs naturally improve their English during their stay in the USA, they also get the opportunity to study at an American college.

Global support from Cultural Care

Cultural Care Au Pair provides personalized support to au pairs both at home and in America, thanks to its 29 years of experience and the largest support network in the USA.

Combining the security of a large organization and the convenience of dedicated support, Cultural Care is there for au pairs every step of the way!

Curious to learn more?

Our team would be happy to come to your school to introduce the au pair program to your students, discuss the benefits of cultural exchange and international experience, and answer all the questions that they might have.

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